Donnerstag, 2. April 2009

Street Art from Schwarzwald

The artist Stefan Strumbel was introduced yesterday on "Kulturzeit" (German TV; 3 Sat). He is an artist who comes from street art living in the rural region of "Schwarzwald" in Gerrmany. He uses the art form which originally was founded in American cities to play with German clichés.
Also his new interpretation of the "Kuckucksuhr" (cuckoo clock), a typical product from "Schwarzwald" is a big success. Not only Karl Lagerfeld bought one, but also the traditional union of the producers of "Kuckucksuhren" is overjoyed.

I have found this impressive clock at the front of a souvenir store in our town. Add a little colour and you almost have a Strumbel clock.



  1. Seems to be an interesting artist, but I'm not quite sure I like those cuckoo clocks:-)

  2. I think, it would get on my nerves if I had to look at it for a longer time.

  3. If I buy one it will be the original one. (My mother is honestly thinking about it...)